Migration from pysat 2

With the release of pysat 3.0.0, the pysat project now keeps instrument modules within distinct packages. Each of these packages acts as an interface between the core pysat package and a unique data provider. pysatNASA fills this role for the Space Physics Data Facility at NASA.

Registering the pysatNASA library

While each module can be loaded separately, users may find it easier to register all instruments.

import pysat
import pysatNASA

This creates a shortcut so that instruments may be loaded using only platform and name without having to load the instrument package each time.

import pysat
ivm = pysat.Instrument('cnofs', 'ivm')

Modifying the directory structure

The internal directory structure has been updated in pysat 3.0.0 to include a separate layer for inst_id. Users who have already downloaded data in a previous version should follow this tutorial to make their local data directories compatible with the new version.

A Note about ICON data

Starting with pysatNASA 0.0.2, the data for the Ionospheric CONnection Explorer (ICON) is now accessed from the SPDF server directly rather than the University of California at Berkeley server. There is a slight update in the file names at the new location, which is not compatible with the previous versions of pysat. It is recommended that users download this data using the new software.